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Alians Med Group


We are glad to welcome you on web-site “Alians Med Group”!

Limited Liability Company “Alians Med Group” was founded in 2007 and started operating in the medical equipment and expandable materials market not long ago. However, for this short period we have established partnership relationships with a lot of manufacturers and official representatives of medical products manufacturers, both domestic and foreign.

For the period of operating in the market “Alians Med Group”, LLC has created a wide customer network, which consists of the medical institutions of Moscow and the Moscow Region.  We offer partnership on the different levels from single delivery to complex equipping of treatment-preventive facilities.

Under hard conditions of the economic crisis Company “Alians Med Group” stakes on domestic manufacturers and offers quality products at acceptable prices to its customers. At the same time, we can’t ignore foreign companies, which manufacture products have acquired a good reputation on the medical products market.

We bring to your notice the products of the following manufacturers:

Becton Dickinson
Shaoxing Fuqing Health Products Co., Ltd.
«MiLab», LLC
«Ural Priborostroitelny Plant», OJSC
NPF«Krylo», LLC
«Efa Medika», LLC
 «Medico-Instrumental Plant in the name of V.I. Lenin», OJSC
«Linteks», LLC

“Alians Med Group”, LLC is an official dealer of «Ural Priborostroitelny Plant», OJSC (machines for artificial lung ventilation), NPF«Krylo», LLC (endosurgical tools), «Efa Medika», LLC (endovideosurgery).

Our Company offers a wide range of various medical equipment and materials to its customers:

  • disposable clothing, and nonwoven material kits, syringes and infusion systems, gloves;
  • furniture of medical and general purpose;
  • surgical instruments, instruments for doctors of different specialization;
  • instruments and equipment for obstetrics, gynecology, resuscitation, anesthesiology, radioscopy, fluorography, ultrasound diagnostics, tomography, endoscopy, functional diagnostics, surgery, rehabilitation programs.

While dealing with a customer specialists of “Alians Med Group”, LLC are ready to offer different variants of solutions based on customer’s wishes. Such universality is conditioned by a wide assortment of the products we can offer. Thereat, special attention is paid to the quality of delivered products. 
On our web-site you can find description, purpose and technical characteristics of our products. All products have compliance certificates and registration certificates of the Ministry of Public Health of the RF and Gosstandart of the RF.

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